Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Web Content

While our official website is under construction, I want to make sure we include EVERYTHING you need. What do you want to make sure we have available to you online?

Make a list, and then leave it in a comment to this entry or e-mail it. If you think of something else you forgot to include the first time, just leave another comment. :)

We just want to make sure we include whatever we can that will be useful.

Monday, October 09, 2006

Pictures and Updates

To avoid confusion, I've moved all the pictures from a personal host to flickr. Please be sure to update your bookmarks!

At the Dance Extreme Gallery, I've just finished moving all the old pictures and adding a few from Shock, which was just last week on October 1st. If you have some pictures from Shock (or anywhere Dance Extreme appeared), please don't hesitate to send them to There should be more pictures on the way.

Our master class with Tokyo and Sonia was amazing. We were so happy to have such amazing and talented dancers teach us. You can see our new mural of Tokyo on the outside wall of Studio I in light blue paint. There are pictures to come of this, too.