Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Program Ads

Just so everyone knows, all program ads need to be in no later than June 1st - Which is tomorrow (Wednesday)! the day after tomorrow, Thursday! (someone could have told me I had that confused - 30 days has September, April, June, and November. ALL THE REST HAVE 31 except crazy February...).

If you haven't gotten yours in, and you won't be getting up the studio before then, you can e-mail me your information. Just copy+paste the following into an e-mail and fill out the information:

Student name(s):
Size of ad:
Picture to use (dance name or describe the costume):
Font number (look here to choose what font you want):

Then send to kjcasey [at] umd.umich.edu (omit spaces and insert a real @ symbol). If I need any more information, I'll e-mail you back. :)

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Relay for Life schedule

Saturday, May 20th

9:30am - 10:00am
1. Swagger Back
2. Iris
3. Stray Cats
4. My Desire
5. Dancing With Angels
6. Mr. DJ
7. Dance All Night
8. Wish For You
9. Be Mine

3:30pm - 4:00pm
1. People
2. Knock on Wood
3. Body Language
4. One Day I'll Fly Away
5. Hollaback Youngin'
6. Duel of Fates
7. Norah
8. Never Gonna Let You Down
9. Money

7:00pm - 7:30pm
1. Pardon Me
2. Are You Gonna Be My Girl?
3. Kashmir
4. Another Little Piece of My Heart
5. Storm
6. On Fire
7. Devil in Disguise
8. Feel the Girl

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Star Systems Results

We had a great (and long) weekend at Star Systems the past few days, and I thought it might be nice to share the results. ;)

Senior Groups
Feel the Girl - High Gold, 4th Overall
People Who Need People - High Gold, 3rd Overall
So High - Gold
Pardon Me - High Gold, 5th Overall
Swagger Back - High Gold, 1st Overall
Photograph - Gold, 2nd Overall Small Group
Never Going to Let You Down - High Gold, 1st Overall Small Group

Taking Back Stella's Bar - High Gold, 3rd Overall

Junior Groups
My Desire - Gold
Money - Gold
Dancing With Angels - Gold
Be Mine - Gold

Junior Duos/Trios
Knock on Wood - Gold
Thank God I'm Not the One - Gold
Collide - Gold, 1st in Category
Never Saw Blue - Gold
Dance All Night - Gold
Wish For You - High Gold
Hey Mr. DJ - Gold

Senior Duos/Trios
Body Language - Gold
Duel of Fates - Gold
Kashmir - High Gold, 2nd Overall Sr.
Another Little Piece of My Heart - High Gold, 1st Overall Sr.
Storm - High Gold, 2nd Overall Teen
The Warmth - Gold, 4th Overall Sr.
Hollaback Youngin' - High Gold
Angels and Demons - Gold

Senior Solos
Gravel - High Gold
Any Day Now - High Gold
My December - High Gold, Miss Superstar
No One Else Knows - Gold
The Trouble With Love Is - High Gold, 1st in Category, 1st Overall Teen, "Emotional Investment" special award
Extraordinary Machine - High Gold
Why - High Gold
Roll With the Funk - High Gold
Spend My Lifetime Loving You - High Gold
On Fire - Gold
The Choking Kind - High Gold, 1st in Category, 2nd Overall Sr.
Place For My Head - High Gold, 1st Overall Sr.
Michael Jordan - Gold
Me and Bobby Mcgee - Gold
Hanging By a Thread - High Gold, 1st in category

Junior Solos
Norah - Gold
Drop That Heater - High Gold, Junior Mr. Superstar, "Hip-Hopper" special award
Hollaback Girl - Gold
Black Cat - Gold
Skin - High Gold, "Awesome Potential" special award.
Come Back Down - Gold
Feel Good - Gold
Crazy in Love - Gold

If you see that I've marked something wrong or didn't include all of the awards for a dance, let me know and I'll fix it. :D

Wednesday, May 10, 2006


I hope everyone at the studio recently has taken notice of the Extreme Team's latest efforts: the posters all over the walls and doors. ;)

If you have no idea what they're all about, Miss Theresa assigned everyone a secret partner last Saturday, and by this week everyone had to make a poster for their person and bring it into the studio, taping it up on a wall (but still keeping in secret, though that rule hasn't been followed so well ;D). The posters have everything from pictures to drawings to candy on them, and they all look great (seriously!).

We'll be taking them with us to Star Systems this weekend. Walking through the hotels we're staying at, I bet you'll see plenty of them on the doors and in the hallways.

Meanwhile, I'm making a blog for Miss Theresa so she can write ya'll some stuff too. ;D